Antonio Ruz
Thursday 20, April 2023
Teatre Principal
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Madrid's community

Duration: Inauguration Dansa València + Show.

Taking as its starting point the Pharsalia by Marco Anneo Lucano (39-65 AD) from Córdoba, this work investigates the concept of war from an allegorical approach, putting the body at the service of concepts such as conflict, crisis, resistance or evasion. Eleven performers go through choreographies charged with violence, subtlety and theatricality, launching themselves, with all their physicality, into a party of combat. An anti-war song to dance as a weapon of liberation and saving energy.


Choreographer and dancer, Antonio Ruz is one of the most outstanding creators of dance in Spain, National Dance Award 2018 in the Creation category and Ojo Crítico Award 2013. His productions stand out No drama, Ignoto, Ojo, ¡Libera Me!, Vaivén, À L’espagnole, Beautiful Beach, Recreo, Double Bach, Presente, Signos, La Noche de San Juan, Aún or Pharsalia, and his creations Electra for the BNE and In Paradisum for the CND.

National Dance Award, Creation category 2018.

Ojo Crítico Award for dance 2013

Artistic Team

Direction and choreography: Antonio Ruz.

Dancers and choreographic collaboration: Anna B. Andresen, Elias Bäckebjörk, Joan Ferre, Carmen Fumero, Jose Alarcón, Manuel Martín, Lucia Montes, Alicia Narejos, Selam Ortega, Isabela Rossi, David Vilarinyo.

Set design and costumes: Alejandro Andújar.

Original music: Air.

Lighting design: Olga García (AAI).

Dramaturgy: Rosabel Huguet.

Technical coordination: Espacio Átomo.

Choreography assistant: Begoña Quiñones.

Production: Paola Villegas, Gabriel Blanco – Spectare.

Production Assistant: Andrea Mendez.

Tailoring: Esther Fiol, Rocío Pozuelo.

Costume design and props: Maribel Rodríguez, María Calderón.

Video: Derek Pedros.

Photography: Maria Alperi, Alba Muriel.

Distribution: Valeria Cosi – TINA Agency.


Co-production of Teatros del Canal and the University of Navarra Museum. With the support of the Gran Teatro de Córdoba and Teatro Central de Sevilla.

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