Mont Ventoux
Wednesday 17, April 2024
Teatre Principal
From: 8€
Comunidad de Madrid

Inspired by Petrarch’s Ascent of Mont Ventoux, KOR’SIA seeks answers from the humanist past for the conflicts being proposed to us by a 21st-century paradigm shift: the construction of an individual capable of rebuilding themselves and the planet. KOR’SIA wants to giving voice again to these words: Ascend the mountain. Recover our values. Do a mass philanthropic exercise. Put humanity and the nature that precedes back in the center. What a better way to do so than through dancing bodies.


The KOR’SIA Collective works in the creation of dance under the mantra that the arts, and specifically the arts of movement, are the only representations that manage to transmit the human world: tradition, society, culture, gender, sustainability, democracy… in a way that no other knowledge can. They are capable of generating spaces in which individuals can access their most intimate and spiritual paths, helping them to find their own meaning in life.

Artistic Team

Idea and direction: Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa

Choreography: Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa in collaboration with the performers

Dancers: Benoît Couchot, Angela Demattè, Samuel Dilkes, Emilie Leriche, Helena Olmedo, Andrew Scott, Dovydas Strimaitis, Ana Van Tendeloo and Edoardo Brovardi

Dramaturgy: Agnès López-Río

Scenography: Amber Vandenhoeck in collaboration with Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa/Kor’sia

Original music: Alejandro Da Rocha

Original song: Raquel Tort Vázquez

Costumes: idea and creative direction of costumes: Luca Guarini, in collaboration with Aitor Goikoetxea, Levi’s (all denim)

Production: Gabriel Blanco and Paola Villegas, Andrea Mendez (Spectare)

Technical direction: Meritxell Cabanas.

A co-production of the Condeduque Contemporary Culture Center, Fedora – Van Cleef & Arpels, 2023 Dance Prize.

With the support of Van Cleef & Arpels, Grec Festival de Barcelona, Festival Roma Europa, Tanzplattform Rhein Main, Hessisches Staatsballet, Festival Bolzano Danza – Fondazione Haydn di Bolzano e Trento, Tero Saarinen Company, Opera Estate Festival Veneto, The Watermill Center.

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