Luz Arcas / La Pharmaco
Wednesday 19, April 2023
Teatre Rialto
Community of Madrid / Andalusia

Mariana is the name of the goat that accompanies the wandering gypsy, the one in the show, the one that dances and feeds him. Mariana is the mule with which the farmer threshes, the donkey that carries the azacán and the donkey that transports the god. The female animal is the body of the work, no matter what era it passes through. In the work, the song encourages and animates the productive force and the body freely recreates the power of the animal. A dance as abstract and symbolic as utilitarian and material.


Luz Arcas founded the company La Pharmaco in 2009. Her latest projects are the Bekristen/Cristianos trilogy (the first chapter, La domesticación, was co-produced and premiered in 2019 at Teatros del Canal in Madrid and the second chapter, We are war, premiered in 2021 at the Conde Duque Center for Contemporary Culture), Toná, co-produced by the Madrid Autumn Festival and premiered at the Teatro de la Abadía in 2020, and Trilla, a duet with the composer Le Parody.

El Ojo Crítico Dance Award 2015, Best Female Dance Performer Award 2015 at the Lorca Awards, finalist for Best Female Dance Performer at the Max Awards in 2017 and 2022, and the Injuve and Málaga Crea Award 2009.

Artistic Team

Dance: Luz Arcas.

Voice: El Mati.

Clap and Sing: Lola Dolores.

Percussion and synthesizer: Carlos González.

Cornet: Abraham Romero.

Guitar: Bonela Chico.

Artistic direction, choreography, stage space: Luz Arcas.

Dramaturgical accompaniment: Rafael Sánchez Mateo Paniagua.

Stage and musical assistance: Abraham Gragera.

Artistic assistance and costumes: Ernesto Artillo.

Flamenco advisor: Charo Martín.

Lighting: Jorge Colomer.

Sound space: Pablo Contreras.

Technical direction: Cristina Bolívar.

Tour technicians: José Espigares, Pablo Contreras.

Photography and video: Virginia Rota, Alejandra Amere, Jorge Colomer.

Graphic design: María Peinado.

Production: Alberto Núñez, Alex Foulkes.

Executive production: Fernando Jariego.


Production of Light Arcas / La Pharmaco. Co-production of the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, Teatros del Canal in Madrid, MA Scène Nationale – Pays de Montbéliard.

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