Daniel Abreu
Dalet (da)
Thursday 20, April 2023
Teatre El Musical
Madrid's community

Dalet is a letter of the Hebrew alphabet that refers to the door. A door without a lintel that allows you to go ‘through’. A go from emptiness to dimensionless form. He speaks of a journey through the desert, obligatory steps that are taken infinitely many times on the path of evolution. The work moves from a part sustained in the gesture and the dance, towards a place of reverie and magical representation.


Founded in 2004, the cia. Daniel Abreu is an outstanding dance group on the national scene. Abreu’s choreographic work is defined by the use of simple tools of interpretive language, the strength and personality of the performers, the suggestive landscapes that result in images of great weight, close and dreamlike, and a sensitive sound environment.

Artistic Team

Direction and creation: Daniel Abreu.

Direction assistance: Mar Rodríguez.

Interpretation: Daniel Abreu, Abián Hernández, Alvaro Esteban, Mauricio Pérez, Daniel Rodríguez and David Vilarinyo.

Musicians: Hugo Portas and Elisa Tejedor.

Lighting: Pedro Yagüe.

Scenography: Luis Crespo.

Projection and technical coordination: David Benito.

Design and realization of fantasy costumes: Esteban Cedrés.

Tailoring workshop: Gabriel Besa.

Photography: MarcosGpunto.

Production: cia. Daniel Abreu.

Distribution: Elena Santonja esmanagement.


Production of the Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council, cia. Daniel Abreu. With the collaboration of the Canal Dance Center, the María Pagés Choreographic Center and the National Dance Company.

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